Saving/Loading Analysis Files


All of the settings used to run the analysis may be saved as a .cgmr analysis file. The .cgmr file can be opened from within Cognalysis MultiRate, emailed or opened directly from Windows Explorer by double-clicking on the file. The analysis file contains only the input items in the Data Analysis and Control window, such as the name of the database, tables, and column selections. The analysis file does not contain the factors or statistical results of the analysis -- these items are stored in SQL tables when the analysis is run. 


To save an analysis file, select File/Save from the main menu, or click on the Save icon on the tool bar. Note that Save is technically Save As - to save a .cgmr file with a different name, select Save and then enter the different name.


To open a previously-saved analysis file, select File/Open from the main menu, or click on the Open icon on the tool bar.


Note than when Cognalysis MultiRate is opened directly, it will automatically load the analysis file that was in use when MultiRate was last closed.