Selecting Characteristic Options


In the Column Selection window, the user will make selections for grouping and/or smoothing the data in the analysis.


Type Designation/Grouping

In the Data Type column, designate whether each individual data value will be used as a bin (Generic Characteristic), grouped into bins (Grouped Characteristic), or used as geographical data (ZIP 5, County FIPS 5, State FIPS 2, or Custom Geographic). Click on the field name to view a table showing the distribution of the values in that field.



More can be read on the visual above in the Visualize the Data section.



In the Smoothing column, designate whether the credibility calculations should incorporate data from neighboring bins.


The smoothing options are:

Variable Gradient Smoothing

Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing

Linear on Bin Number

Linear on Average

Linear on Log of Average


View/Modify Radii

For Variable Gradient Smoothing or Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing, the default radii (how many neighboring bins will be included in the smoothing calculations) can be overridden. Click the gray button in the View/Modify Radii column to override. The default radii are in the table below (note that 0 indicates no smoothing):


 Default Radii

 Smoothing Method

 0, 0.414, 1, 1.828, 3, 4.657, 7

 Variable Gradient Smoothing

 0 km, 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 50 km, 100 km, 300 km

 Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing


 Linear Smoothing Methods



See Variable Gradient Smoothing for a discussion of how the radii are applied.