Selecting Exposure, Target, Detail Key & Characteristic Fields


After selecting the Training Data, the "Select Fields / Inspect Data" button should be pressed to generate the Column Selection window for identifying the Characteristics to be used in the analysis, including the Target field (required), Exposure field (optional), Detail Key (optional), and other potentially predictive characteristics.



A listing of all of the columns in the Training Data will be displayed. The user should select the characteristics to be used in the analysis. Visualizing the Data and R Squared are both helpful tools contained within the Column Selection window for determining which characteristics to include.


The check boxes in the "Use" column should be checked to indicate if the characteristic should be included in the analysis. A Data Type must be also selected for each included characteristic. Selecting a Smoothing technique is optional. For Variable Gradient Smoothing or Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing, the default radii (how many neighboring bins will be included in the smoothing calculations) can be overridden, although this is not commonly done. Click the gray button in the View/Modify Radii column (to the right of the Smoothing column) to override.




A quick way to remove characteristics from an already-completed analysis (without changing the Data Type, Smoothing Effect, or Radii of the characteristics that remain) is to use the Trim Characteristics feature from the Status of Analysis panel.