Running an Analysis


Once all the necessary selections and settings have been made, press the green play button on the menu bar   or use the keyboard shortcut <ctrl-W> to run the analysis.

At this point, several checks are performed to verify that the data is in the correct format and that the necessary selections have been made to run an analysis. The user will be notified of any Warnings/Error Messages by a pop-up window.

The Status of Analysis panel will begin to show the status of the analysis and summary level results while iterations are progressing.

The Result Inspection panel can be used once iterations become available.

The analysis will continue to iterate until either the maximum number of iterations is reached or the convergence threshold is attained.

Select the red stop button on the menu bar  (replaces the play button once the analysis begins) or use the keyboard shortcut <ctrl-W> at any point to halt the analysis. When the stop button is clicked, Cognalysis MultiRate will finish the current iteration, and then generate final output tables. Pressing the green play button or using the the <ctrl-W> keyboard shortcut from a halted analysis gives the user the option to either continue the analysis from where it left off, or to restart the analysis from the beginning.