Status of Analysis Panel


This panel shows the current status of the analysis and summarizes the analysis results.



Current Status - How many iterations have run, and whether the analysis is:

still running

completed due to hitting the maximum number of iterations

completed due to attaining the convergence threshold

halted by the user

Greatest Factor Change in Iteration - The largest difference in a factor value from the most recently calculated iteration and the previous iteration, across all factors, as well as in which characteristic and value this change took place.

Time Spent on Previous Iteration

Total Time Spent

Significance Wheel - Shows the relative importance of Characteristics to the model as of the most recently calculated iteration, based on the Significance calculation.

Summary Statistics by Characteristic Table  - Shows the following as of the most recently calculated iteration. The table can be sorted ascending/descending by clicking on any of the column headers.


Factor Count (Number of Factors Calculated)

Fuzzy K

Effectiveness Ratio = Significance/Fuzzy K


After an analysis has finished, this panel can be used to achieve the following:

          View Model Fit Graphs to see how well the model performed

View more detailed results in the Result Inspection Panel by clicking either on one of the pie pieces in the Significance Wheel or on one of the characteristic headers in the Summary Statistics by Characteristic table

          In preparation for the next analysis run, the user can Trim Characteristics that he/she will not want to use in the next analysis via the Summary Statistics by Characteristic table at the right of this panel.