Result Inspection Panel


The Result Inspection Panel allows the user to view detailed analysis results, at the factor level. The user selects:

The Characteristic to be reviewed

The Iteration number

Whether to show data in tabular or graphical format (or map format in the case of geographical data and Microsoft MapPoint availability)

These detailed results may also be quickly viewed by clicking on a pie piece or characteristic header of interest in the Status of Analysis Panel above.


Table View

This view shows six columns for the selected Characteristic and Iteration, and a row for each value/bin:

Value - For Generic Characteristics and geographical data, the value of the Characteristic by bin. For Grouped Characteristics, the upper bound for the bin.

Exposure - The sum of Exposure for the bin.

Target - The sum of the Target variable for the bin.

Raw - The ratio of Target/Exposure, rebalanced to average 1 by dividing by the total target over the total exposure. This is the observed relationship, not adjusting for any other variables, credibility or smoothing.

Model - The final factor for the iteration, after Smoothing, applying Credibility, Blending, and Balancing.

Modified - The ratio of Target/Modified Exposure, rebalanced to average 1.


The table in its current view can be copied to the clipboard by right-clicking and selecting "Copy Table".


The first row (first bin) is reserved for a Characteristic value of NULL, even if there is no exposure in this bin.



Each row in the table is underlined, indicating that additional drill-down information is available. Double click anywhere on the row in the table to view this additional information.


Graphical View

This view will show the Raw, Model, and Modified factor values (described in the Table View section above), in graphical format.



If the data type of the selected characteristic is Generic Characteristic, has more than 20 distinct values, and is not using Variable Gradient smoothing, the graph will only display the 20 most significant factors. In all other scenarios every single factor will be displayed.


Map View

For Characteristics identified as ZIP 5County FIPS 5, State FIPS 2, or Custom Geographic a map of factors ranges is shown if Microsoft MapPoint is installed on the computer.