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Pen and graph Catastrophe Modeling and Accumulation Management

Property insurers currently face a challenging environment with regard to catastrophe management. Dramatically changing catastrophe models, contradictory reports on the impact of global warming, and greater rating agency scrutiny are just a few of the many issues that insurers must deal with.


Many companies have dedicated catastrophe modeling/management staffs that are stretched very thin. Other companies rely on reinsurance brokers for assistance, but may be looking for more dedicated assistance than an intermediary can provide.


At Gross Consulting we have staff with the knowledge and experience to help companies make the most of the catastrophe models and exposure data — both with regard to understanding the risk and managing portfolios of accounts.


Here are just a few of the ways that we can be of assistance:

  • Focus attention on the key catastrophe issues and exposures affecting your company through the use of customized maps and reports designed for maximum impact
  • Providing provenportfolio management techniques using allocated cost of capital
  • Quickly understanding and explaining the drivers of model change impacts on your book of business
  • Blending multiple models together into your portfolio management/reporting environment, resulting in a more stable approach to risk. Dissecting the differences between the models also provides valuable insight for discussions with the modeling firms, transforming your company from a consumer of model output to an active partner in the improvement and development of the models themselves.
  • Providing exposure-based tools to claims departments for organizing response as storms approach
  • Post-event analysis to quickly estimate your company’s loss, and then as actual losses come in, analyze the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of the model(s) to explain impacts by geography, construction type, class, and other variables important to your book
  • Analyzing reinsurance program structure for optimal use

This is just small sampling of the analyses and reports that Gross Consulting can provide. For more information, please contact us.