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2016 Paid Competitive Interview


As an innovative and growing company, Gross Consulting takes hiring very seriously. Finding employees that are a good fit is essential for the success of our business and the happiness of our employees. We find both the standard one or two hour interview and the full summer internship to be inefficient in finding the best candidate for the job.

Starting October 14, 2016, Gross Consulting will conduct a paid competitive interview process for college sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In this process, you'll be part of a pool of talented individuals competing to make it to the final steps of a full-time job offer. Warning: There WILL be math questions during the process


Competition Structure


The competitive interview process will last approximately four weeks. During this time, the candidates will be given a variety of tasks and tests to determine who would be a good fit. As with any interview, the pool of candidates will be reduced throughout the process. This means that for some applicants, the process may last only one day, and only a small group of the best candidates will make it through to the end. If this concept makes you uncomfortable, this may not be a good fit for you.


Meetings will be on Friday afternoons from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the Gross Consulting office in downtown Saint Paul. If this timing does not work for some students we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.


Candidates will be paid $26 per hour during the interview process. Candidates will not be paid for the time required to take the initial screening test.


The Paid Competitive Interview process will be open to college sophomores, juniors, and seniors who will be graduating after December 2016, and are eligible for employment in the United States.

Candidates should have strong technical skills, likely majoring in math, economics, actuarial science, business, statistics, computer science or related subjects. Candidates should have the willingness to help develop the business, and the ability to work effectively with clients. They also need to be able to deal with ambiguity and be able to solve problems without step-by-step instructions.


If you are interested in participating in this exciting competition please email with “Recruiting Competition” as the subject of your email. In your email please indicate whether you would be able to join us in our office on Fridays at 2:00pm from October 14th to November 4th if selected. Also please identify your anticipated graduation date. If you are eligible, we will follow up with you regarding the specifics of the pre‐screening testing process.